Allicia Hood

Board Member

Allicia Hood’s childhood was spent in three different small, rural communities in Saskatchewan: Loon Lake, Spiritwood, and finally, Birch Hills. No matter where Allicia lived, she was involved in extra-curricular activities offered in the community- her newest being the Estevan Arts Council.

From a young age, Allicia has had a passion for the arts. She was seen putting on home shows for her family, whether it was putting on a concert, a dance, a play, or an art show. Her avid interest for the arts continued to grow as Allicia got older. She had a specific interest in writing, drawing, and painting as she enjoyed her English Language Arts and Visual Arts classes the most in school. Allicia also explored the arts through music and singing, dancing, and acting. She was enrolled in piano and dance lessons as well as joined her community’s drama club and her church’s choir.

After graduating from Birch Hills Public School in 2017, Allicia moved to Regina to pursue secondary education. In the spring of 2021, Allicia graduated with a Bachelor of Education with great distinction from the University of Regina. In the summer of the same year, Allicia moved to Estevan to begin her career as a teacher. She is a learning support teacher and is also teaching English Language Arts at Estevan Comprehensive School. Allicia is also an advisor on the Student Representative Council at the school.

As one of the newest members of the council, Allicia looks forward to becoming an active member of the community in the months and years to come!